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'What do Helwa’s students think?  Here are some comments from class participants:

You teach a very beautiful, elegant and classic style and you know so much about the history of the dance, and you are also very supportive and encouraging of everyone's uniqueness; all these things distinguish you.
– Alisa Hamilton, Level 2/3 student

I can honestly say that there is no one else I would take lessons from after training with Betsey. She is kind, caring, and has such a passion for the art form. Her classes are fun, energetic, and I learn something new every week!
– Lauren Scheier, Level 2/3 Student

Betsey, you're pretty much the best teacher ever. :-)
– Kari Dickinson, Level 2/3 Student

Belly dancing has proved to be a very wonderful thing for my daughter and myself. I love how Helwa says it is a “dance of power,” and I often tell people that now. I love things that make women, especially young women, powerful and these young women are going to change the world. And we're there at the pivotal point, powerfully influencing them. A serious responsibility, don't you think?
– Laura C. Strom – semi-private student, two years

The first time I saw Helwa perform, I was so moved, I knew I wanted to learn how to belly dance.  Her love for the dance makes her an excellent teacher and because of her guidance I will always stay connected to this art form.
– Rita Slobodian – semi-private student, four years

You give me options so that I am challenged and yet you don't leave others in the wind.   Thanks for making classes fun and interesting!
- Mikele Simkin

I think it's great for my 13-year-old daughter to be able to experience a woman teacher who does such an excellent job of it. You manage to teach with such grace and complete lack of criticism. I have never seen a teacher be able to focus on only the positive points and strengths in the way you do. I know my daughter will keep it as a reference all her life.
- Laura Strom

You not only keep up with the dance community and events, but you also have a good camaraderie with other dancers.   You don't not hesitate to expose your students to other teachers, which was very exciting to me. You teach with a sincerity and humor that makes it easier to risk it when all that shakin' is going on. I wish you could have relocated with me.
- Annette Robertson

Your warm up is the best I have done.   It warms us up with out pain, and it is fun.
- Mikele Simkins

I think your teaching is great!!!  I understand your technique, I think because I have been dancing since I was 5. You make class really fun too!  It is great you show us what you learned at workshops. And I like how you give us the opportunity to show our personality and style. And your knowledge is beyond... You have a lot of experience of not only the dance but the culture too!  It is a good workout and the price is good compared to a dance studio
--Rosemarie Labay, Level 2/3 Student

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